VLND designed ARC, a drinking water faucet. ARC is a criticism about existing drinking water faucets look like bathroom faucet. We think drinking water faucet in the kitchen should be certainly different from bathroom faucet because that is where "drinking water" comes out. ARC was designed to bring a new experience about clean drinking water to our daily lives.

Designed by VLND.

Faucet for Drinking Water

ARC dispenses purified clean drinking water through the under-sink filtration system.
By putting the complex filtration components under the sink, only the faucet is visible.

Pure Beauty of Water

The form is pure and simple. The streamlined design borrows the motif from the dynamic images of water. It looks like water shoots up and falls on the other side and represents fundamental beauty of water. The unique beauty will bring a new atmosphere to the kitchen.

Design for Better Use

Users can easily get drinking water even with a large bowls as well as cups.

Better Accessibility

The open shape provides better accessibility to users. This advantage is even more pronounced when it installed on the kitchen island. Users can use it in any directions without considering the front and back of the product. A small light on the side blinks when the undersink filter needs to be replaced.

Just touch

ARC dispenses purified clean drinking water during users touch their finger on the button. Users can easily adjust the amount of water.

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