CONVEX TO CONCAVE is a water purifier with slim size that has an advantage in space utilization. Thanks to the slim, compact size, it takes up little counter-top space allowing users to make better use of the space. The simple button-layout helps users recognize features at a glance. At the touch of a button, the users can get hot/cold/room temperature drinking water immediately.

Designed by VLND DESIGN

Convex to Concave

The front design has a unique surface where the "convex" on the top leads smoothly to the "concave" on the bottom. It emphasizes refined image by combining flowing curves and the ideal blend of materials. The side panels are made of hairline-finished aluminum to make it look robust.

Easy Maintenance​​​​​​​

Considering it contains two filters, which should be changed on a regular basis (every 6 months), its design focused on how to improve the filter-change process more simply and easily. Users only need to open the side panel without an additional device, and grab the lower parts of the filters and lift it up, and then twist them. Ease of maintenance is one of the most important features of this product.

Slim, Compact

Thanks to the slim and compact dimension, it takes up little kitchen space and allows users to make better use of the space. Furthermore, it looks slimmer than its actual size by dividing of the front face. With the simple and modern design, it fits well in any kitchen environments.

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