VLND designed WATER & ICE, which combines water purifier and ice maker. Users can instantly get pure ice made from purified water and clean drinking water at cold/hot/room temperature. The appearance reflects the key features: water and ice.

Designed by VLND.

Intuitive Usability

For ease of use, the front panel design is divided into two: the ice-related functions on the left, and the water-related functions on the right. Thanks to the optimal layout, users can easily recognize each function. At a single touch, it dispenses clean drinking water at cold/hot/room temperature as well as pure ice. The key point of the design was making it easy to use.

Unique Surface Inspired by Water

Considering it handles water, the front surface and parting lines were designed by reinterpreting natural appearance of the water. The combination of dynamic curves and simple straight lines creates a unique and modern aesthetic.

Design, Reminiscent of Clear Ice

The translucent panel, representing the image of clean ice, emphasizes the ice-related functions while makes an elegant impression. Because the most important feature is clean ice-making system, so we highlighted the feature in the appearance.

As the main model of the manufacturer, it sold more than 100,000 units for the first year.
Coway, the manufacturer, is the unrivaled leader in the water purifier market in South Korea, taking about 40% market share.

Pin Up Product Design Award BRONZE, South Korea
International Design Excellence Awards Finalist, US
Good Design Award Winner, South Korea

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