We breathe without pausing. However, air can be contaminated by various factors. HOLE is a personal air purifier that can be used anywhere such as in a vehicle, at home or at the office. It has powerful performance in compact size. It purifies the air using a cutting-edge filtration system that not only removes dust, ordinary bacteria and various odors. For optimal air purification, plasma ion sterilization module removing 99.5% of air-borne viruses has been adopted. Clean air will come out from the hole and bring a fresh feeling into surroundings.

Designed by VLND DESIGN

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Visualization of the Flow of Air

The iconic hole is a key design feature visualizing the flow of air, and it also functions as a handle improving portability. The combination of attractive curves and the hole creates a uniquely powerful design, and the single impact on a simple form makes strong visual focus. As the product delivers ‘invisible’ effects to users, a solid and durable finishing adopted to create a reliable, high performance feeling.

It starts operating by just touching of a single button that requires no detailed operating settings, and the lighting in the hole informs users of current operating status. The color of the lighting changes between red and blue depending on the degree of the air pollution. Users can recognize current air quality status at a single glance. Its sterilization module can be used semi-permanently, and the rear cover can be opened without using a tool for easy maintenance.


Maximize Portability

The hole functions as a handle improving portability and provides extended usability.
It has compact size and lightweight enough to carry by hand, totally mobile and can be used in any location.

Use Anywhere

Users can take it anywhere (e.g. a car, home, office, etc) and simply connect it to a general power outlet, USB or vehicle cigarette lighter outlet. It fits nicely into any cup-holder of a vehicle, and provides an ‘always fresh’ experience.

Compared to existing portable air purifiers, it has decreased manufacturing costs by optimizing its internal structure. The structural optimization enables compact size enough to hand-carry in spite of the high performance.

iF Product Design Award Winner, Germany
Pin Up Product Design Award BRONZE PRIZE, South Korea
International Design Excellence Awards Finalist, US
Good Design Award Winner, South Korea

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