Designed by VLND.

X-Shape Inspired by Core Value: Screw

VLND designed the x-shape inspired by its core value, the screw. JUICEPRESSO X is a high performance slow-squeezing juicer. Its main feature is slow squeezing of fruits and vegetables to make fresh, rich tasted juice. Other juicers have sharp, quickly-spinning blades which cause frictional heat and shock to food, but its strong and slow rotating screw squeezes out fruits and vegetables with little damage to nutrients.

Iconic Design, Optimized for the Performance

The iconic X-shape is optimized for the squeezing performance and screw structure. From the side, the diagonal symmetry catches the eye, and the unique design consists of minimized parts.

Simple Usability

The operation is simple. moving the switch on the back upward operates the machine, moving it downward puts the machine in reverse.

Thanks to the slow squeezing technology, the juice is highly concentrated with a deep color and there is no white froth. Natural nutrients and taste are preserved so that juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. The top hopper’s entrance is small enough for preventing putting hand in. Even if fingers are inserted, they cannot reach the screw. Since the machine is very dangerous when operated without the hopper, it does not operate if the hopper is not assembled.

The screw is made of ultra-durable ultem and can be used semi-permanently. The manufacturer's previous models and other manufacturers’ slow squeeze juicers have three parts of screw, making them difficult to wash, but JUICEPRESSO X has only one part of screw, and easy to wash.

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