VLND designed AROUND B, a service robot. Through making them more accessible, people will be able to experience a number of robot services in different spaces and environments.

Designed by VLND.

© NAVER All Rights Reserved.

Creative Directing: Kim Seungwoo
Design: Kim Seungwoo, Ha Kyumin
Photo Shoot: Bang Sangsik
Photo Editing & Visualization: Kim Seungwoo



AROUND B collects the books that customers have finished viewing, and moves them to the book sorting area. This robot solves one of the most tedious chores that bookstore employees have to do every day. AROUND B is expected to significantly reduce the labor of employees from the hard work.

When a user places a book on the shelf, the sensor detects it and the shelf goes down. AROUND B can collect 20-30 books. The automatic lift system has the advantage of providing shelf of the same height at all times when collecting books.


The shape is tapered to increase driving stability. The depth camera is positioned at an appropriate height for optimal scanning, and is hidden in the front black area that is perceived by people as a robot face. Users can see the status of robot at a glance with the color of the front light. One LiDAR is in where the body was cut, and scans 360 degrees of surrounding space. The design was optimized for functionality, but it is neatly organized with minimal appearance.


VLND carefully trimmed the curves and lines. The design has unique surfaces.

An emergency stop button with a minimal design is on the back. In case of malfunction, hit the button and the robot will stop immediately.

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