Universal Plug has two great benaefits. First, everyone will be able to pull the plug easily.
Second, it would lead people to attain voluntary attitudes in conserving energy.

Designed by VLND DESIGN

Perfect Ease for All Users

Have you ever had trouble with pulling out a plug? Almost everyone may have experienced trouble with pulling a plug from a socket. The problem is caused from that "the point of action" is at the fingertips when unplugging existing plugs. To solve this physical problem, Universal Plug moves "the point of action" to more center of the hands by putting a finger in the hole, and this structural solution helps you to easily unplugging. It provides perfect ease for everyone includes ordinary people who lack strength in fingers, as well as people with injury, illness or aging. You just need to hook a finger into the hole and pull.


While most people want to save energy by turning off the light, they still leave plugs in sockets commonly. Leaving the plug in the socket leads to waste of standby power. But, almost people often forget or are not aware. After the light switched off and the room gets dark, the hole’s role becomes more prominent. The luminous hole simply informs you that standby power is wasted. Universal Plug is not only makes it easier to pull the plug out of a socket, but it also has affordance to lead people to save energy with a voluntary attitude.

iF Concept Design Award Winner, Germany
Red Dot Award: Concept Design Winner, Germany​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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